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An Internet blogger who worked for Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards has resigned after being criticized for comments that many Christians found offensive about the virgin birth of Jesus Christ and other comments about that mocked Catholic views about contraception. Another controversial blogger who works for Edwards, however, is still employed by the former Vice Presidential candidate. Some religious groups that had been critical of the comments say the one resignation is not enough.

Kiera McCafferry, director of communications for the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, told Cybercast News Service that the one resignation is not enough. She said there is still one more anti-Catholic, anti-Christian blogger employed by Edwards.

Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan had blogged for the Presidential campaign website of Edwards and their own websites-Pandagon and Shakespeare's Sister. McEwan is still employed by the campaign, although Marcotte has resigned.

According various religious groups, Marcotte had last year mocked the view of Christians that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin. They also accuse her of mocking the view of Catholics concerning contraception.

Marcotte had more recently blogged about the movie, Children of Men. She was criticized once again for the way she took aim at the virgin birth.

Marcotte still works for Edwards. A web address does list a lengthy posting by Marcotte concerning the issue.

McEwan had been criticized for blogging comments, such as ones last November, in which she called religious conservatives President Bush's "wingnut Christofacist base."

The Catholic League Monday demanded the resignation of the two after they both apologized. Edwards said that though he was offended by the comments of the two bloggers, he would keep them on his staff. He said such "intolerant language," as his two bloggers used, would not be tolerated by his campaign.

Some have called the two "bigots" and said such people should not be allowed to continue to work for a man who is running for President of the United States.

When she resigned Marcotte criticized the Catholic League for running a "scorched earth" campaign to get her fired for her personal beliefs. She said she felt as though she could not cough without affecting the Edwards campaign. She said she won't work for the campaign if she can't do so effectively.

A spokesman for the Catholic League said it had not harassed Marcotte but had merely issued press releases so the public would know of her position. The spokesman took note of the fact that Marcotte had exercised her free speech rights in criticizing those of faith but had not wanted others to exercise their rights of free speech.

Washington Post media writer Howard Kurtz said Edward was in the difficult position of deciding whether to defend comments that no politician would want to defend or alienating liberals who supported the comments of the bloggers.

Michael Paranzino, a former press secretary for former United States Senator and Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Dole (R-N.C.) said Edwards is "pandering" to Democratic primary voters by not firing the bloggers. He said such an action could hurt him politically. He said that Edwards looks indecisive as a result. He said that Edwards' claims to be offended but his inaction on firing those who made the offensive comments makes him look like a "political opportunist" who believes in nothing. He noted that Edwards once supported the war in Iraq, but now opposes it, because it is unpopular.

Paranzino said while one blogger resigned after the criticism for anti-Christian bias, and another is still employed by Edwards, it would have been different if the bloggers had attacked gays or environmentalists. He said they would have both then been fired immediately.

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